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The British Society of Gerontology 46th Annual Conference, Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University, 5-7 July 2017

Do Not Go Gentle - Gerontology and a Good Old Age

The Art of Ageing

Abstract call: you are invited to submit an abstract for presentation in the oral paper sessions, poster exhibitions or as symposia.


The conference welcomes submissions from researchers, practitioners, educators, policy-makers, the third sector, students, and all other stakeholders interested in ageing.

To promote interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives of ageing, the conference will draw on abstracts from across the disciplines of social and behavioural sciences:

  • arts and humanities
  • social science
  • health promotion and public health
  • medicine
  • social care
  • social policy
  • nursing
  • and other related fields.
Submissions considering key issues in methodology, or presenting ideas, critical reflections, or case studies from industry or practice are also welcome.

Themes and sub-themes

The general theme of the conference is The Art of Ageing: reflecting the diversity of gerontology in Swansea and across the world; from arts based methodology to innovative dissemination and engagement strategies and of course not forgetting the style in which the the population ages. This cultural turn is also reflected in the title of the conference “Do Not Go Gentle: Gerontology & A Good Old Age” incorporating the Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas and the ethos of ageing as a positive and stereotype defying period of life. 

Gerontology is a diverse discipline, approached in many complementary way. This rich tapestry is something the conference seeks to embrace, encouraging abstract submissions from across the gamut of professions working with and for older adults.

To facilitate this, a range of conference sub-themes have been created to support the development of abstracts that can be grouped to maximise their impact and the experience of all delegates:

  • environments of ageing
  • social & supportive relationships
  • participation & inclusion
  • cognition & dementia
  • cultural gerontology
  • health & social care
  • the arts & older people
  • minority & diverse populations.

Oral or poster presentations

  • Abstract title word limit: 30 words
  • Abstract word limit: 250 words
  • Maximum number of references: 5
  • Headings: Unstructured abstract.
Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words with sufficient detail to allow the committee to judge the merit of the submission. Please indicate your preferred type of presentation (oral or poster). Abstracts not selected for oral presentation will automatically be considered for poster presentation, unless the author informs us otherwise.

Authors should select up to three conference sub-themes that most appropriately reflect their submission. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to allocate an abstract to a different sub-theme, if more appropriate.

Authors can submit no more than two abstracts where they are named as the primary author. However, there is no limit on the number of abstracts in which someone can appear as a co-author. The organising committee will aim to reduce conflict in scheduling multiple presentations where someone is named as a co-author, however we cannot guarantee this. A submission of an abstract with multiple authors will be an indication that all authors approve the submission and content of the abstract.

Symposia/special sessions

  • Symposium title word limit: 30 words
  • Symposium overview word limit: 200 words
  • Abstract title word limit: 30 words (for each individual presentation in the symposium)
  • Abstract word limit: 250 words (for each individual presentation in the symposium)
  • Maximum number of references: 5
  • Headings: Unstructured abstract.
Prospective convenors of a symposium are invited to submit a proposal of no more than 200 words detailing the overview and objective for a symposium or special session to be held during the conference. This usually comprises 3-4 oral presentations, agreed between the convenor and the presenters, and dedicated to a particular theme, topic or research project.

Convenors should suggest up to three conference sub-themes which are appropriate to host the symposium/special session, although submissions falling outside the conference sub-themes are also welcome and will be considered.

In addition to providing the symposium title and overview, the convenor should submit the titles and abstracts for all oral papers to be presented within the proposed session (i.e. 3-4 abstracts). Each abstract should be no more than 250 words. The convenor will be responsible for chairing/acting as a discussant at the symposium, or nominating a chair (and discussant) for the symposium.

Instructions for submission:

Abstract submission can also be made NOW through the conference website


Deadline for Submission:

20th January 2017

For any enquiries about abstract submission please contact the BSG Organising Committee by emailing: BSGconference2017@swansea.ac.uk


Swansea University Bay Campus Swansea SA1 8EN


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